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Cotinus Golden Spirit

Cotinus x coggygria = ‘ANCOT’

Cotinus x coggygria Golden Spirit = ‘ANCOT’ is the only golden smokebush! This deciduous, upright, loose-spreading, multi-stemmed shrub typically grows 6-10’ tall and as wide, however it can be easily kept more compact through annual pruning and can even be kept small enough for patio containers. Flame-colored buds emerge in spring with a frothy inflorescence of smoke-like panicles in midsummer as it matures. New leaves are a golden color gradually turning a lighter, golden-lime color by summer with fantastic shades of red, orange, and gold in the fall.

‘Golden Spirit’ is easily grown in average, medium-moisture, well-drained soils in full or part sun and tolerates a wide range of soils except wet, poorly-drained ones. Stems may be cut back hard in winter or early spring each year to a framework to induce growth of new shoots with slightly larger than normal leaves. Such hard annual pruning will control size and may accentuate the colorful foliage and fall color.

This outstanding three-season specimen is a focal point in any garden. It provides unique effects against evergreens and perennials in mixed beds. The foliage makes a stunning addition to cut flower arrangements and lasts well in the vase.

Origin: Netherlands

Description / Plant Notes:

  • USDA Zone 4 (-30°F or -34°C)
  • Light pink buds opening to pure white tubular flowers, which persist into fall
  • Deciduous foliage with fresh chartreuse to golden yellow spring foliage. Fall foliage is a flame of coral, orange and red tones
  • Rounded medium-large habit, 8′ x 6′ at maturity
  • 1999 Gold Medal, “Best New Plant Introduction”, Plantarium

Patent Status: PP 13,082

PK Sheet
USDA Zone: 4 - 9
Height: 84 to 96-inches
213 to 244-centimeters
Spread: 60 to 72-inches
152 to 183-centimeters
Seasons: Summer, Late Summer, Autumn
Flower Colors: White
Foliage Colors: Gold, Chartreuse, Orange, Red
Light Levels: Full-Sun, Partial-Sun
Growth Habit: Upright-Mounded
Usage: Containers, Garden border, Gardens, Hedging, Landscapes, Mass landscape planting, Pots
Patent Status: PP 13,082
Origin: Netherlands

Grower Culture

Media: Well-draining media
Water: Well-Drained to Moderate
Crop Timing from Rooted Liners:
1-gallon: 39 to 52-weeks with 1 ppp
3-gallon: 52 to 78-weeks with 1 ppp